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Youngspiration's Statement on judgment of oath-taking case

On 15th November, 2016, the High Court handed down judgment in the judicial review against us in respect of the taking of the Legislative Council Oath on 12th October. Our oaths were unfortunately declared void and as a result we have been removed from our offices as popularly elected Legislative Councillors. Expected as the outcome might be, we were deeply grieved not because of our personal loss, as many might be inclined to imagine, but because of this further proof of the degradation of Hong Kong.

The principles of the rule of law and judicial independence which we all hold dear were constantly being undermined since the handover in 1997. The communist Government has exhausted all means available to silence dissidents: prior to the election, there were Returning Officers disqualifying candidates based on their political orientation; during the election, multiple incidents of vote-rigging occurred; and after Legislative Councillors assumed office, an “interpretation”, a de facto amendment of the law, was forced upon Hong Kong to remove “disobedient” Councillors like us from our seats. Elections no longer mean anything if the results can be so easily controlled or even overturned. Democracy has been ruthlessly reduced to fantasy.

In this time of plight, we would like to invite all of you to lend us your hands once more to support us in our uphill battle against the authoritarian Government. The costs for the appeal proceedings are to the two of us far from affordable, and we desperately need your contribution. Our current fund-raising target is HKD 5 million, which will be used solely and exclusively for lodging our appeal(s) regarding this matter, and any remainder will be donated. We assure you that we shall not keep this money in our pockets.

Our oath-taking caused great upheavals. The loss of our seats is no doubt the result of the Government’s suppression, but we must admit that we have disappointed the people of Hong Kong, in particular our supporters. We have learnt our lessons but we shall not allow this to be our Waterloo. We do not shirk our responsibility. We will get back up on our feet and continue on our journey in pursuit of self-determination.

As Nelson Mandela has said,

“No power on earth can stop an oppressed people determined to win their freedom.”

With devotion and strong determination, the Hong Kong nation is destined to regain autonomy. “It always seems impossible until it is done”, and we shall see it possible and done. We need your help, and we thank you again for believing in our dream.

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